Aba brassinosteroid

Seed germination performance is a major determinant of crop yield. Deterioration of seed quality with age is associated with accumulation of DNA damage . [6] In dry, aging rye seeds, DNA damages occur with loss of viability of embryos. [7] Dry seeds of Vicia faba accumulate DNA damage with time in storage, and undergo DNA repair upon germination. [8] In Arabidopsis , a DNA ligase is employed in repair of DNA single- and double-strand breaks during seed germination and this ligase is an important determinant of seed longevity. [9] In eukaryotes , the cellular repair response to DNA damage is orchestrated, in part, by the DNA damage checkpoint kinase ATM . ATM has a major role in controlling germination of aged seeds by integrating progression through germination with the repair response to DNA damages accumulated during the dry quiescent state. [10]

"Inflorescences treated with brassinolide alone had no effect on ethylene production. However, when brassinolide was used in combination with IAA there was a dramatic increase in ethylene production above the induction promoted by IAA alone. " 104 Why this makes sense - IAA causes increases in respiration as it is an indicator of oxygen surplus. Once ethylene is produced, it starts pushing out nutrients. Adding BR is like adding fuel to the fire and leads to a climacteric export of all nutrients including oxygen thus leading to an even greater evolution of ethylene.

Aba brassinosteroid

aba brassinosteroid


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