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While she inspects the women's restroom, Dennis and Mac transport some of the steaks into the office to contaminate them with chicken feathers and re-package them via vacuum sealer (their scam involves them returning the steaks for cash.) Charlie moves the delivery guy to the bar to pose as a patron and asks Dee to move the dumpster 6 inches. He shows the inspector the back alley and moves the delivery guy into Paddy's office. He then shows the inspector the bar, which she finds very clean. As she inspects, Mac and Dennis move all the chickens and re-packaged steaks back into the truck.

Jack is incredibly self conscious about his small hands, which is a theme first introduced when he and The Lawyer square-off in “Dennis Gets Divorced”. Jack references them nearly every time he’s on the show after this, which culminates in the episode “McPoyle vs . Ponderosa: Trial of the Century”, where he can be seen wearing fake hands over his own. When he tries to point emphatically, one of his fake hands flies off, sending Jack running after it, screeching “ NOBODY LOOK! ” and making for one of his finest scenes on the show.

Creator Rob McElhenney said that Live Nation originally approached the cast about doing the show at 30 cities, but in the end the cast settled on 6. [33] Co-developer Glenn Howerton described the show as "essentially an expanded version of the actual episode of "The Nightman Cometh", which was the final episode for season four. There are some added moments, added scenes, added songs, and extended versions of songs that already existed." [34] Two new songs were included in the performance and a longer running time allowed for greater improvisation by the actors. The performance was also preceded by a preview screening of a season five episode.

Always sunny charlie takes steroids

always sunny charlie takes steroids


always sunny charlie takes steroidsalways sunny charlie takes steroidsalways sunny charlie takes steroidsalways sunny charlie takes steroidsalways sunny charlie takes steroids