Anabolic fasting cory g fitness

Yes, great article, mainly because anything to do with the great Iron Guru makes for a great article. I’ve actually seen three different versions of this diet from Gironda’s own writings. One version is as you have stated, steak and eggs twice a day with a carb meal every 3-4 days, but unlike you and your OCD–hahaha–Gironda’s version stated “beef – any amount.” And I agree with the comment above, Gironda would NEVER have cut off the fat. The second version I’ve seen in Gironda’s writings is three meals a day, steak and eggs, with a green-leafy salad along with the evening meal. The third I’ve seen is any type of meat (fish, chicken, beef) and eggs three times a day with a “carb meal” on the 3rd-4th day. Gironda also heavily supplemented with desiccated liver tablets and kelp tablets. I can attest that this diet will shred fat from the waist and it is a lifestyle not a diet. I typically eat meat and eggs three times a day with a leafy salad at night, and I allow myself to “cheat” on Friday and Saturday evening with whatever I want. Great article.

Correction: I didn’t mean “the recommended amount of protein”. I meant a little bit more than that (in order for the excess to be stored for 24h like you said), so… if in the middle of my sleep my muscles were to begin “digesting themselves”, those extra amino acids that were supposedly stored for backup would do their job. Right? In that case… Casein only makes sense if you think that the amount of protein intake during the day was not enough to garantee that some of it was stocked for later use.

Hi Mike, today is the first time I came across you website. I’m in love. Lol. For the past 3 years I haven’t eaten bread, pasta, potatoes or rice. I don’t drink juice just green tea and water. Do you think it would be hard for .myself to start taking creatine if I don’t eat certain things? Also I’m not a big meat eater. Do you think that would affect my training process if I wanted to gain note muscle? I train with my partner 2/3 times a week. I’m taking raspberry ketone and green tea extract at the moment too. Thank you

Anabolic fasting cory g fitness

anabolic fasting cory g fitness


anabolic fasting cory g fitnessanabolic fasting cory g fitnessanabolic fasting cory g fitnessanabolic fasting cory g fitnessanabolic fasting cory g fitness