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Housos has also been criticized as being a ripoff of the popular Canadian TV show Trailer Park Boys , which originally aired on Showtime in 2001. Critics point out the parallels between the shows, up to and including the setting of both shows being called Sunnyvale . Both shows feature an ensemble cast of "trashy" characters breaking the law to get by in their respective low income communities. Because of these similarities, there is a minor controversy as to whether or not the idea for Housos was taken from Trailer Park Boys creator, Mike Clattenburg .

Other Batman movies do attempt to depict Bruce Wayne on an emotional journey. In The Dark Knight, Bruce is trying to decide if he can give up the whole superhero thing and live a normal life. Batman v Superman is all about Bruce realizing how far he’s fallen and eventually (kind of) making amends. But it’s not quite on par with what we see in Lego Batman . The hero that ends the movie is a completely different one than the one who starts it all. All other cinematic Batmen essentially leave off in the same broody place that they began. Bruce Wayne in Lego Batman starts off miserable and ends the movie fulfilled and happy.

Derek anthony steroids

derek anthony steroids


derek anthony steroidsderek anthony steroidsderek anthony steroidsderek anthony steroidsderek anthony steroids