Difference between steroid and cortisone

So many thanks. So, Term dock is used only when it's related to repair of vessel. Like entering a cube of water and then water drained away to access areas below sea level. Once ready, its filled again and vessel floats again n then gates open to enter main water body. So it's from their that dry dock and wet dock came by .

When a vessel is locked to a pier or quay,its called berthing of vessel. Not docking. am I right?

So most lakes with private or public extensions into lake for accessing small vessels is called a pier.

Interesting that this search n landing at this place happened as I M standing at a place with both pier and quay.

Is it necesaary, pier has to be absolutely of wood. The ones we have are concrete n or steel but wooden logs are tied on sides, like cushion.

Then but whats a Marina?

A harbour lets ships dock in deep water but artificially or natural features making the water body calm and safe.

So a port is basically an infrastructure to berth ships within calm waters n undertake exchange of goods.

When the depth is less, then instead of Port, it could be a quay or jetties of fishing vessels.

So in any case a geographic feature or man made break water is what keeps the water body inside cut off from what's happening outside. 'Safe harbor' must hv orgins there.

A port or quay without some sort of breakwater will be open to storms n other elements of sea. Else it should be way inland like a river or lake connected to sea n deep enough to take ships to an infrastructure made aside an inland waterbody.

Please correct my understanding n also what is a Marina. I hv been associated with ports breakwaters lagoons n everything since childhood but still can't really explain the difference with confidence

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Difference between steroid and cortisone

difference between steroid and cortisone


difference between steroid and cortisonedifference between steroid and cortisonedifference between steroid and cortisonedifference between steroid and cortisonedifference between steroid and cortisone