Dog died after steroid shot

My 14 year old Maltese was diagnosed with lymphoma a couple of weeks ago. He had good vitals, and he was started on Oral Chemo, scheduled for every three weeks. His first dose of Chemo was fine. No side effects and he was handling it well. They added (among herbal supplements like Turkey Tail) Prednisone and Dena something for liver. About 24 hours after taking the prednisone, he started drinking like crazy and urinating. His appetite stayed strong, but he experienced extreme lethargy, wobbliness, and dark diarrhea. His gums paled by the third dosage. I took him to hospital and his blood work was not terrible, but they were concerned about his stool. He stayed in hospital for 2 1/2 days getting a stomach drug to help stem possible ulcers. They noticed his lymph nodes were inflamed (they had been going down right after the first chemo) and his spleen is enlarged. I am crushed. I stopped prednisone (vet said a 6 day usage and two days on IV without it – should negate any possible withdrawal effects. I am seeing the oncologist tomorrow…I am not too optimistic.

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Dog died after steroid shot

dog died after steroid shot


dog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shot