Ectomorph steroids transformation

Do you really think adding meat into our diets is going to make a big difference? Meat is just protein with more fat. I’m mostly a vegetarian out of necessity. I live in a small city in China where meat is not only very expensive compared to alternative sources but not as convenient to buy and cook – I can’t just go to the store and buy a nicely prepackaged, boneless chicken breast like I used to in America, I have to go to an animal market and have someone butcher and clean the bird in front of me (or I can do it myself – less expensive but much messier). I can buy pork everywhere and anywhere, but that’s not the healthiest meat in the world. I can buy beef or mutton cut straight from a hanging carcass, but in addition to the high price of it, half of what I’m buying is pure fat. Otherwise, the most convenient and affordable protein options are eggs, tofu (regular or extra-firm), yogurt and milk, beans, nuts, seeds, and grain-based proteins (pure wheat gluten, or your regular noodles, breads, rice, oats, millet, wheatberries, buckwheat, barley). Surely we can do something with that, right?

That math is far from right. To illustrate this, I will use an example.
Imagine you have two guys, guy A and guy B. Guy A has a bone breadth ratio of , resulting from 16″ shoulders and 10″ hips. A rather small-framed guy who, according to the formula, has elite musclebuilding potential. In comes guy B, with a ratio resulting from 22″ shoulders and 16″ hips; a rather brawny, blocky build. Guy B, according to the formula provided, has elite endurance potential.
From the examples I provided, I could picture guy A as a sprinter, or maybe a point guard, and guy B as a powerlifter or offensive lineman. Doesn’t make sense to calculate musclebuilding potential as shoulders/hips; the larger each measurement is, the larger the frame, and, consequently, the burlier the person. The formula is wrong. This formula is better suited to calculate the aesthetic potential of a bodybuilder, since the more tapered the body, the more aesthetic it is; the strongest and more muscular men, such as powerlifters, shotputters and offensive linemen, have rather large hips and shoulders, putting their ratio closer to 1 than, say, a hurdler or basketball point guard.

Ectomorph steroids transformation

ectomorph steroids transformation


ectomorph steroids transformationectomorph steroids transformationectomorph steroids transformationectomorph steroids transformationectomorph steroids transformation