Illegal to import steroids

An open public consultation was held between October 2016 and January 2017 and received 305 responses from business and other interested sectors. The Commission has also held three Expert Group meetings with representatives from customs and cultural authorities of Member States. This provided an opportunity to present the initiative and have an in-depth exchange of opinions and a discussion on the various challenges and objectives. Member States' customs and cultural authorities were also surveyed on the potential costs and burden for administrations. Lastly, a targeted consultation on customs issues was carried out for Member States authorities, international organisations and stakeholder representatives.

The requirements under the new Amendments are two-fold. First, the Lacey Act now makes it illegal to import into the United States plants that have been harvested contrary to any applicable Federal Law, State Law, Indian Tribal Law, or Foreign Law. If a plant is found to have been harvested in violation of the laws of the country where it was harvested, that plant would be subject to seizure and forfeiture if imported into the . The Lacey Act also makes it unlawful, beginning December 15, 2008, to import certain plants and plant products without a Plant and Plant Product import declaration. [30]

Illegal to import steroids

illegal to import steroids


illegal to import steroidsillegal to import steroidsillegal to import steroidsillegal to import steroidsillegal to import steroids