Iv steroid for ulcerative colitis

I’m a college kid, diagnosed last July with “moderately-severe” Ulcerative Colitis. I stopped drinking in September after noticing i got sicker the next morning and swore it off until i got of prednisone and closer to remission. Now I’m doing MUCH better. I’m recently sick-ish because I ate the creamiest most delicious Custard Ice Cream and it just set me off. However, I’ve had SEVERAL nights of heavy drinking free of symptoms, mostly becuase im not flaring, also because I ususally mix it with…”medical marijuana”. I learned early that MJ helped me A LOT, and even fought off some potential flares with it. I NEVER drink beer though, only clear liquor like rum, gin, or vodka (or sometimes wine). Everyone is different, i know people with UC who CANT drink at all and a girl with Chrohns who drinks.

Severe hepatic reactions, including acute liver failure, jaundice, hepatitis, and cholestasis have been reported rarely in patients receiving REMICADE ® postmarketing. Some cases were fatal or required liver transplant. Aminotransferase elevations were not noted prior to discovery of liver injury in many cases. Patients with symptoms or signs of liver dysfunction should be evaluated for evidence of liver injury. If jaundice and/or marked liver enzyme elevations (eg, ≥5 times the upper limit of normal) develop, REMICADE ® should be discontinued, and a thorough investigation of the abnormality should be undertaken.

Iv steroid for ulcerative colitis

iv steroid for ulcerative colitis


iv steroid for ulcerative colitisiv steroid for ulcerative colitisiv steroid for ulcerative colitisiv steroid for ulcerative colitisiv steroid for ulcerative colitis