Maximizer muscle somanabolic

If you talk to the vast majority of bodybuilders they will advocate a much higher intake than this. And they have some convincing arguments. In fact although in the minority at the moment the anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders is being backed up by some credible research. According to many lifters, coaches and some sports nutritionists an ideal weight gain diet should contain up to 2g per kg or per lb of protein. This might seem like a lot but don’t forget you are consuming more calories than the general population and those calories have to come from somewhere. Is it unhealthier that they come purely from carbohydrates or just from fat? It’s probably best it it comes form all three.

@Robert. Well you’re working each muscle once every 5 days as opposed to twice a week. See my diagram in point 4. If you get stronger and can make progress like that, fair enough. I’ve tried it. I was actually weaker as I wasn’t fully recovered in time. It depends on how many sets you do. You’d have to reduce the sets per body part to make this work. Therefore I’d rather reduce right down to 1-2 sets per body part and train the whole body Monday, Wednesday, Friday. You can stimulate growth and still be recovered this way.

Maximizer muscle somanabolic

maximizer muscle somanabolic


maximizer muscle somanabolicmaximizer muscle somanabolicmaximizer muscle somanabolicmaximizer muscle somanabolicmaximizer muscle somanabolic