Repair steroid damaged skin

AB - Progestins and estrogens, although still widely considered sex hormones, are important steroidal agents affecting many central nervous system (CNS) functions. This chapter assesses recent evidence that progesterone and estrogens can promote repair after traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, and possibly other neural disorders, although many of their specific actions on CNS repair remain to be discovered. The first part of the chapter reviews the role of progesterone in the treatment of CNS injury and highlights some of the mechanisms by which this hormone acts to enhance neuronal sparing and recovery of function. The second part reviews the literature on estrogen's and testosterone's effects on CNS repair mechanisms to provide the reader with a better perspective from which to evaluate the neuroprotective effects of these important hormones.

My son now 4 years lost his eye sight at the age of 3 months after meningitis attack, reports from all Doctors i visited showed that optic nerve was damaged, i am wondering when is sight can reverse. Unlike those days when he was unable to se any light but nowadays he can’t enter to dark room, He likes maneuvering from room to room perfectly without any aid. when lights turns off during blackouts, he can tell, if i use a torch in lighted room he can differentiate torch lights from the bulb lights in the room. Is that the sign of reversing back his sight.

Repair steroid damaged skin

repair steroid damaged skin


repair steroid damaged skinrepair steroid damaged skinrepair steroid damaged skinrepair steroid damaged skinrepair steroid damaged skin