Steroid recall 2012

I lived in Belize for several years and was bitten by ticks on at
least a weekly basis. About a year ago I developed the symptoms
you mention. After eating beef or pork about 4 hours later I
developed an itching hives type rash. This developed into
chest and throat constriction and such. It reduced as I drank
cold water and took benedril.
I would be interested to know if and when this allergy will reduce
to where I can eat red meat again.
Thank you, Russell Thomas. Now living in Magnolia, Texas

My kitty fell ill Jan 20 and I put him to sleep a week later. He had stopped eating altogether, was very lethargic, stopped grooming, vomiting up what little food he did eat, had trouble breathing, and looked miserable. I took him to the vet and he was hospitalized for 3 days. They couldn’t find anything obvious and sent him home. He had a fever and they got that down with medicine (cat Tylenol maybe?). After I took him home, he didn’t get any better. They wanted to put a feeding tube in, but I decided to put him to sleep because his quality of life was poor. Also, I suspected it was something serious since the vet had ruled out a bunch of other things. He had x-rays done, blood work, etc. His blood work, x rays, were normal. (Although his liver enzymes were a little high). He was dying because he wasn’t eating (jaundice). The vet didn’t know what was wrong, but suggested it COULD be intestinal lymphoma, etc. since my kitty had intestinal issues.

There has been no prior regular surveillance for adverse events following epidural steroid injections; however, infection is a known, although likely rare, risk that has been documented in the medical literature.   Although CDC has received reports of illness in patients who have received the medications listed in the table above, including some patients who had evidence of meningeal inflammation, CDC and public health officials have no reports of laboratory-confirmed bacterial or fungal meningitis, spinal, or paraspinal infections caused by these products.  The available epidemiological and laboratory data do not, at this time, support evidence of an outbreak of infections linked to usage of non-methylprednisolone NECC products.

Steroid recall 2012

steroid recall 2012


steroid recall 2012steroid recall 2012steroid recall 2012steroid recall 2012steroid recall 2012