Steroid shot for scars

Hi I had a lisfranc fracture to 1st and 2nd metatarsal in Dec 15. The impact for the break caused large blood clots across my mid foot and as a result I had a large and deep debridement that was covered by a skin graft. Area is about 10cm long by 4cm wide. It’s deep (can fit all my thumb in it vertically). Have been massaging twice a day with bio oil and trying to stretch by flexing my foot. Am doing partial weight bearing for another month before screws come out. One side feels softer but not much change in the other side, which is the deeper side. Anything else I could be doing?

  The active ingredient of Efudix is 5-Fluorouracil which is a form of chemotherapy drug.  Abnormal (pre-cancerous or cancer) cells will selectively absorb Efudix allowing the drug to kill the abnormal cells.  The treatment will produce a skin reaction that typically develops over the first week of treatment with redness and slight scaling.  Over the second week the reaction intensifies with increasing redness and crusting with resolution of the reaction occurring several weeks following cessation of treatment. A stronger reaction will be observed in those who have a greater number of abnormal cells in the skin. It is important not to stop the treatment because of the reaction. Efudix is highly effective in treating AKs, particularly when large areas of skin are affected.  Repeated treatments may be required and this is perfectly safe.

After my hysterectomy surgery I was left with a long visible scar over my belly. If that wasn’t enough, it intersected with my cesarean from my pregnancy. I had a “T” over my hoo-ha and it wasn’t pretty. I am fair skin however after the redness subdued, it remained raised. I tried every cream on the market. Some worked a little. Still, I had a very noticeable scar. It did more than bother me. I met with a new dermatologist and she mentioned laser surgery. And so I gave it a shot. Within four treatments I saw little to no results other than the irritation from the procedure and decided to cut my losses. I gave up. A few years passed and I was invited to Jamaica with my co workers on a business trip. I declined the invitation. When my boss asked why, I told her it was because of my scar. By then it was a less raised, darker form of that “T” shape. She didn’t understand. She also is not a mother who had a hysterectomy! It was hopeless. Then I googled scar tattoo cover ups or something and found out that there was a tattoo artist that specialized in scar coverups. Too bad he was in NY. I live in Boulder CO. I decided to contact them anyway to see if I can get some feedback on my issue. I promptly got an email reply and was instructed to send images of my scar. I later received a phone call from Damm Nice who informed me that he could in fact tattoo over the scar. I must say after having been burned from surgeons, to dermatologists and the like, I skeptic. Still, his confidence reassured me there was hope. I saved up and sent a deposit to have him come to Boulder. We decided it was more cost effecient and better for my recovery to have him come to me which he did not mind at all. Throughout this journey, I had never been more comforted and accomodated. By the time he arrived, we had a image that was sure to cover. It was a stalking tiger coming toward you. SO SEXY! It hurt a bunch but it was worth it and the money and I would do it again if I had to. Just wish I didn’t go the traditional route to begin with. The tattoo cost less than surgery and the healing was much easier. Would highly recommend DAMM NICE for a persons scar treatment.

Steroid shot for scars

steroid shot for scars


steroid shot for scarssteroid shot for scarssteroid shot for scarssteroid shot for scarssteroid shot for scars