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This perfume left a nice lingering smell on my T shirt the next day. I think that is a good way to judge a scent's long term appeal, by sniffing the collar area of the shirt you wore the day before. Some colognes I had in the past barely leave a trace.

I noticed the highest number of guys who thought the scent was either generic or boring were the earliest posts around 2011-2013. Maybe the expectation soon after it hit the malls was such that almost anything would seem a disappointment under the regal Chanel name.

It's interesting if not funny to wonder why people wear perfume, specifically men in this case. Clearly some guys wear a particular scent primarily because they like/love the smell and the way it makes them feel wearing it. Some guys wear a particular scent primarily to be attractive to women, and they also really like the scent themselves. Perhaps the first group of men don't care if women love a particular scent, they judge it for themselves. Nothing wrong with that.

BDC may seem "unoriginal" or unexciting to some noses, but based on why you buy and wear perfume, keep in mind as another writer said this scent is almost universally loved by women, AND I might point out, most women cite it as being "masculine", not unisex or feminine--yuck. Some women love uber-masculine colognes like Aramis, Brut, or maybe Kouros and the like, but many women today are attracted to more subtle, yet noticeably masculine smells. That's why Acqua Di Gio has been so popular with the ladies. To a lot of guys it doesn't seem clearly masculine, but girls love it for some reason. Sometimes less IS more.

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While we encourage you to take your Ultimate Ears Speaker wherever the party goes, we also want it to look great and last as long as possible. We highly recommend that you thoroughly rinse your Ultimate Ears Speaker with fresh water after using it in a swimming pool or the ocean. Once clean, allow the speaker to air dry completely before charging it. While the speaker is waterproof, the chemicals and salt in your pool or the ocean can damage the waterproof seals over time if not rinsed off after use.

The micro-USB charging cable included with your Ultimate Ears Speaker is not waterproof. Never charge your Ultimate Ears Speaker if the micro-USB port, charging cable or connectors are wet, dirty or damaged. Always charge your speaker with a clean, dry micro-USB connector. If you think your cable or connector has been compromised in any way by water or other contaminants, do not use it to charge your speaker. Contact us for a replacement cable.

Steroids batch number

steroids batch number


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