Turinabol only cycle log

yes…..very poorly written. Where was the fluid build up? Sounds like a puddle she waded around in. All foods, supplements and medications are filtered through the liver and/or kidneys. The high protein diets with or without fat are deliberately putting the body in a keto acidotic state or ketosis which is extremely dangerous and occurs in diabetic patients Basically the principle of the ketosis diet
.. It will make you lose weight for awhile but it can destroy your metabolism over time and even kill you. With out properly hydrating with water to flush the system, fluid would build up around the heart and lungs……not just around her. It is very sad but unfortunate that the information is so inaccurate. I’m not sure the “condition” was even the issue. Probably dehydration with a seriously low potassium level that caused the build up of fluid around the heart and lungs and in her abdoman. Get the information and understand it or don’t write about it! As a biochemist and veterinarian with an additional PhD in human physiology, I have been very pleasantly surprised at the science and intellect used by most body builders. This was not one of those stellar moments in the information highway

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Turinabol only cycle log

turinabol only cycle log


turinabol only cycle logturinabol only cycle logturinabol only cycle logturinabol only cycle logturinabol only cycle log