Wysolone steroids side effects

So sorry for anyone else having to go through EN. One of the difficulties is you are in pain and sickness and you dont look sick. The fever is low grade. Tell others you have an auto-immune disease since most people these days know what that is. Don’t waste your breath and energy explaining it because seriously most people dont get it. If you tell them its a type of skin disease, some people think they can catch it. Take care of yourself! Make sure you rest with legs elevated. The beginning of the disease is the worst with weakening, diarrhea, low grade fever, nausea, before the onset of the lesions. No, you don’t have a fever over but believe your body is sending all of its energy to attack itself and make you better, auto-immune disease. The major way you get over this disease is by resting. Let your family know you need their help. Having it for the first month is purely exhausting and I am athletic.

Freya has found herself a great home with you; but to be honest, if I was on Freya’s exercise schedule I would be sleeping all day too! New environment, more activity (sadly dogs don’t get much exercise in shelters) and excitement can all contribute to sleep. Holding urine is usually considered a desirable trait in dogs, but not marking territory or urinating when she has the opportunity may be something or nothing. You are in the first few days of a new life together, see how she goes; as long as she isn’t showing signs of pain or discomfort I wouldn’t be too concerned. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

Wysolone steroids side effects

wysolone steroids side effects


wysolone steroids side effectswysolone steroids side effectswysolone steroids side effects